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LOPP – Frisierkommode – LO/TM


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Lopp is a collection of three uniquely styled and visually consistent products: a desk, a secretary desk, and a dressing table. The defining features of the collection include classic lines, a light silhouette, a minimum of structural elements — and superior woodworking craftsmanship.


Additional elements enhance the individual character of the constituent pieces. The desk, featuring a handy drawer for all bits and bobs, is the simplest element of the family. The secretary desk is equipped with additional office accessory boxes, and hidden mediaport. The dressing table comes with an adjustable mirror and an additional drawer and storage compartments on the table top.

The designers have successfully combined a timeless minimalist form with functionality and modern approach to design.

Abmaße [cm]

  • Breite 100
  • Tiefe 64
  • Höhe 76


Gewicht1 kg
Größe66 × 66 × 132 cm

Eiche, Nussbaum